We are

A++ Group is an international brand founded in 2000 with offices worldwide, from Europe to Asia, through America and the Middle East. The Group is an organic incubator of over thirty companies involved in architecture, interior design, construction, branded real estate, real estate investments, product design, IT, hospitality management, and more…

The Group is a multidisciplinary organization composed of companies born with the goal of offering all services related to living and dwelling spaces, ensuring a continuous and extremely effective management for any type of project. Thanks to the plurality of our skills, we are able to internally develop and manage all phases of every real estate operation, from concept to marketing, maintaining a solid and reactive production process capable of guaranteeing excellent results.

A++ Group has adopted a governance model to ensure the proper division of responsibilities and powers among all participating entities in the group. Through the combination of financial support, market knowledge, architectural creativity, construction skills, brand management, and communication capabilities of the group's companies, we are able to provide a cultural capital that is difficult to quantify in terms of money and represents a crucial factor for the success of investments.

All the activities are carried out internally and entrusted to specialized companies that are part of the A++ group. SOURCE CONSTRUCTION PARTNER is the internal company of A++ Group that operates in the construction market as a total contractor and procurement services provider.