Residenza Sorgente, Comano (Switzerland), 2022

Authentic and perfectly integrated with the surrounding area

The “Residenza Sorgente” is located in the municipality of Comano, less than 5 km from the city centre of Lugano. Quiet residential area with views of the surrounding mountains. The complex consists of two separate buildings and has nine large apartments.

Location: Comano, Switzerland

Year: 2022

Type: Residential

Works: Construction, Architecture and Interior Architecture

Size: 2100 sqm

Status: Completed

Collaborators: A++ Human Sustainable Architecture

AFTER / site completed


A fundamental feature of the project is its inclusion in the ground floor that allows you to enjoy the maximum possible green space on the ground floor, limiting vehicular circulation in the basement.


The architectural character that characterizes the entire complex is authentic and perfectly integrated with the surrounding area.


Access to the buildings is via distinct pedestrian paths, free of architectural barriers, which allow to bridge the slight difference in height and at the same time separate the private gardens from the common areas.