One, Kloten (Switzerland), 2018

A true testament to a sustainable philosophy

The delicacy of all that glass in combination with the strength of steel and concrete creates an effect that is emblematic of today’s architectural viewpoint. Looking out over the horizon at the awe-inspiring Lake Zurich, this home is an extraordinary living space.

Location: Kloten, Switzerland

Year: 2018

Type: Residential

Works: FF&E, architecture and interior design

Size: 1000 sqm

Status: Completed

Collaborators: A++ Human Sustainable Architecture


Capturing the essence of elegance with a decisively modern edge indicative of today’s design style, this private residence is a true testament to a sustainable philosophy that embodies not just environmental practices, but one that also ensures sustainability of health, of social living and of technology. Brought together in this veritable masterpiece, the materials and construction techniques have formed a living space that in its perfection is indescribable.