RESIDENTIAL / Ra Curta, Montagnola (Switzerland), 2019

Study of details is the core of the design choices

The project of the Ra Curta residences arises from the shape of the land on which it stands. The emerging architectural elements follow the natural morphological elements of the lot, so that the project is strongly rooted in the context, in balance with its surroundings, the translation of the blocks to the valley and the different heights lie harmoniously on the natural ground, designed to ensure maximum privacy and visual channels to the lake.

Location: Montagnola, Switzerland
Year: 2019
Type: Residential
Works: Construction, Architecture and Interior Architecture
Size: 2500 sqm
Status: Completed
Collaborators: A++ Human Sustainable Architecture



Study of details is the core of the design choices: it can be seen from the shape and care of the building elements, from the sun screens that become decorative elements that dialogue with the design of the fences, the structure of the pillars and the design of windows and lights, as well as the study of internal spaces both common and private, designed to achieve maximum living comfort and design level.


The 4 blocks that mirror each other, accentuating symmetries and proportions, are crossed by two staircases that become urban connections between the streets of Montagnola.
Large terraces come out of the ground like horizontal blades whose edges are made from different materials that form suspended frames and light eaves. Particular attention was paid to the brightness, maintaining however, a high level of privacy. The result is fully glazed living areas and well-lit sleeping areas.