Conca dei Castagni, Pregassona (Switzerland), 2020

In harmony and balance with what surrounds it

The architectural concept of this project comes from context and from the designer’s desire to create a dialogue with the surrounding natural environment. In fact, the morphological characteristics of the ground are to delineate the general lines of the project: integrated, in harmony and balance with what surrounds it.

Location: Pregassona, Switzerland

Year: 2020

Type: Residential

Works: Construction, Architecture and Interior Architecture

Size: 1050 sqm

Status: Completed

Collaborators: A++ Human Sustainable Architecture

BEFORE / render
AFTER / site completed


Main volume is characterized by two parts: a lower one with six apartments and a higher one with a villa; internal and external fine finishes and the technological contribution, give the building complex a high standing.

The different cuts of the apartments respond to demanding customers with increasingly different requests. The strength of the project is indeed in the apartments: they are welcoming, bright, with a designer’s taste and with a priceless breathtaking view to enjoy at any time of the day.


The complex consists of 4 spacious and luxurious apartments and a villa on 2 floors. The architectural character that characterizes the residence is decisive and innovative, while remaining perfectly integrated with the territory in which it fits. The residential complex is laid down on the slope of the land in a natural and delicate, giving a pleasant privacy.