City Center, Massagno (Switzerland), 2019

Comfort and lifestyle at the top

City Center, created by Studio A++ Human Sustainable Architecture, was created to meet the needs of those who prefer comfort and prestige. 24 units enclosed in a dynamic facade. The sun reflects on the sunshade elements that depending on the location gives a different light, creating dynamism and movement.

Location: Massagno, Switzerland

Year: 2019

Type: Office & Residential

Works: Construction, architecture & Interior Design

Size: 3000 sqm

Status: Completed

Collaborators: A++ Human Sustainable Architecture

BEFORE / worksite


The facade of the residence is characterized by dynamism; it is continuously movement, characteristic made possible by the external presence of elements sunshades that depending on their location give different light.


Apartments and penthouses of various sizes made with top quality finishes and equipped with state-of-the-art systems able to guarantee a perfect marriage between modernity and refinement, technology and design of excellence.